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Boosting Ads

From now you can highlight your profile and become the first in the listing - from just 1 Credit. Just tap/click on the Boost button next to your ad in the Ad Managing panel. All your ads will be highlighted with our special unique color for a certain period, it not only attracts user's attention but also enables your business to become the first in listing and distinguishes it from the rest of other ads.

While your profile is boosted, your visitors will not be restricted to see a limited number of photos, but all of your pictures are shown until the Boost lasts.

How can I boost / highlight advertisements?

You can give a boost to your ad from your Ad Manager page, you can also find a Boost button on your ad's editor page or even on your welcome screen.

What happens if I boost my paused ad?

Do not be afraid, boosting automagically resumes you ad.

How do I cancel boosting?

Boosting ads cannot be cancelled. Please always pay attention to the period of boosting before buying it. If you are unsure what the next days will be, we do not recommend purchasing longer boosts than a few hours.

What rank my profile will have after boosting?

It depends on the concurrency. That's why we don't allow extreme length of boosting, eg. no longer than a few days.

How many times am I allowed to boost my ad?

There is no limit on this, but please be aware of the 1-hour-limit-rule; you cannot re-boost your ad if you have more than 1 hour left. Within the 60 minutes/1 hour window you can use boosting again. This limit applies to each of your ads.

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