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How to get the most out of your escort profile? 7 tips from experience

XYZ 路 2021 May. 24. 22:30

In 2021 when the world is finally melting out from the lockdown, advertisers have to realize how much this world has changed; uploading 1-2 photos and introducing themself as "call me" or "gentlemens only" is not enough anymore. In fact, people get used ...

Prostitutes and escorts, how the sex-business goes in Denmark

author 馃枊 路 2021 Mar. 23. 14:37

Let's look at Denmark now! What about prostitution in Denmark? Who go here, how profitable is it to be an escort there and how is prostitution regulated here? Even back before 2012, it was rumoured that the Swedish model might be introduced to curb ...

Denmark Presentation on the Country for sex workers and clients

author 馃枊 路 2021 Mar. 20. 07:44

1. Its geographical situation and form of political organization    Officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, it is a member of the Nordic countries, with Sweden to the east, Norway to the north, Germany to the south, surrounded with the ...

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